Our Mission

This collection of individual testimonials will help to further reveal the human face of the international community of people living with Myotonic Dystrophy (DM).


The living visibility of our experiences will promote contact and exchange across language and national boundaries, influencing the perception of our lives by political leaders, policy makers, researchers, medical professionals, and society in general.

The goal of this project is to reach a global audience, building awareness and drawing community members toward existing support groups, medical resources, and DM-focused organizations.


Through a project celebration in Switzerland and in cooperation with DM community organizations, foundations, and members, world-wide marketing will publicize the projected Book with a selection of testimonials collected from the DM-community simultaneously word-wide.  


The Book with the corresponding title "Our Voices - Our Life" will be illustrated with copies of original paintings from a private collection. The originals will be presented in an art gallery in Basel, each one accompanied by a story collected in this project. We intend to sell the original art work for a price that will just cover our costs. 


This is a project for individuals and their family members living with Myotonic Dystrophy. Many affected individuals are not well-off financially. Many of them rarely participate in public life for health or for financial reasons. The opening of the arts exhibition will be a a party for this community in Central Europe. Therefore, we feel, that the art work should be affordable for each and every one of them. 



About Us

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 Andreas Herzog

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I'm living with Myotonic Dystrophy type 1. Since 2013, I have been using my strength and knowledge to support the community of those affected. Click here to learn more about my motivation for this project.

I know the effects of Myotonic Dystrophy from Erich, with whom I have been close friends for over twenty years. Click here to learn more about my motivation for this project.

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