Some individuals like to read, others prefer to learn from pictures or from videos. In order to meet these different needs, we will provide both on the following pages.  

We are very happy that Steffi accompanies our project with videos on Youtube. At the same time we will publish texts, pictures or video material from DM-related events or from affected individuals on the following pages.


Maybe you would prefer to send us an audio-recording of your story instead of writing it down. It's fast and easy: Just send a WhatsApp-message to +41 76 568 64 66 and we will get in touch with you.  

If you are organizing a DM-related event in your own area, you can download a selection of of our handouts and newsletters and distribute them to your guests.

The more life-experience, skills and time we can add to this project, the better we will be able to make a difference for this new and worldwide DM-Community. Would you like to join our team and to become a contributor, representing your country or area? We would love to hear from you!  

Andreas Herzog & Erich Maurer,

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