Features of RareConnect

RareConnect translates articles and reviews into more than ten languages. We strive to make translations as timely and accurate as possible. Currently we are working on the stories in German, in French and in English, without changing the contents

New story

If a new story is available, you will automatically receive an e-mail from RareConnect with a link. Click once on the link, you will get to the login page and then to the story overview. If you would like to go directly to the new article without searching, click on the link a second time after logging in.

Browsing existing stories

On our world map, you can see at a glance from which area the authors of the story originate. Click on one of the green flags on this map to open a window with the link to the story. Click on it to get to the login form of RareConnect or directly to the article. These are sorted by date.

Changing layout and language 

By clicking on the permalink at the bottom left of each story, you can display it in a page-filling view. With the functions to the right of it, you can "rate" the article or comment on it.

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