MDF Annual Conference in Nashville

We are very happy that Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation (MDF) supports the idea of the project "Our Voices - Our Life." On September 14th -15th, our contributor Mindy and her husband Dan had a conference table at the MDF Annual Conference in Nashville and our mission was reaching a potential of over four hundred DM-affected individuals, their family members and DM-Community experts from all around the United States. 

Dan at our conference table, kindly provided by the MDF

The goal was to inform people about our project, to answer questions and to encourage them to share their personal DM-story with the world. The banner and the posters, both kindly provided by Mike, have clearly highlighted our mission and last but not least, no-one has left from our table without a piece of genuine Swiss chocolate. 

"Many people have got our flyer and I had several people tell me they started working on their stories. I also met a few writer types that were really excited about the project", said Mindy.

We are really excited about this successful presentation. Are you still undecided or unsure of how to write your own DM-story? The following video-interviews and our ideas and suggestions could be a good starting point for you.

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"I believe that our stories really need to be heard because it is an orphan disease and not many doctors note much about it.

Eileen, Tennessee, USA. Click on the picture to watch the video

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"When I was younger I was told that I have Myotonia and they did not dive into why I have it. So, we had no idea about the disease until my daughter was born.

Laureen, Pennsylvania, USA. Click on the picture to watch the video

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"I was discharged from the Navy because of inability to keep up with the physical regimen.

Mike, Florida, USA. Click on the picture to watch the video

These snapshots show impressively, how deeply DM can affect many different aspects of our live. What we are learning during this process can be important and inspiring for many others. Adding your Voice to our project may help a DM-family close to where you life or anywhere in the world. 

Andreas Herzog & Erich Maurer,

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