About this project

The project is comprised of two parts, the Online Project and the Book Project. For both projects, DM-affected individuals and their family members provide their personal DM-experience and stories using an electronic format.

For the Online Project, we forward the stories submitted into the existing Myotonic Dystrophy online-community on RareConnect, where it is machine translated into more than ten different languages. At the option of the writer, their anonymity is guaranteed at all times. 


Participating individuals may sign up to RareConnect, comment on their own story in the online-community, and interact with others in their own language. 

For the Book Project, a selection of the translations in German, French, and English of DM stories from the Online Project will be personally edited by an individual affected by Myotonic Dystrophy fluent in either German, French, or English.  


During the editing and in order for an objective picture of each DM life story to emerge, the texts are neither shortened nor adapted in content. The DM stories are in the DM writers' own words. 

The Book itself will be illustrated by art donated for the project's exclusive use by a private art collector. See the website's section on Illustrating the Book and About the Artist for more information. See the website's section DM Community Organizations for more information about the marketing and the availability of the Book. 

Global Announcement - Local Marketing

In cooperation with DM community organizations, the Online Project and the Book Project will be presented simultaneously.


At a project celebration in Basel, Switzerland, the project artist's original work will be sold, each art piece accompanied by a translated personal DM life story from either of this project. 

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